Should You Clean or Replace Your Air Ducts?

When it comes to air ducts, it can be difficult to decide whether to clean or replace them. On one hand, proper maintenance can help keep them in good condition and avoid the need for replacement. On the other hand, if your ducts are too dirty, cleaning may not be enough and you may need to replace them. It may seem like a logical maintenance activity, but cleaning the air ducts in your home's HVAC system may not be as beneficial as it seems.

If your HVAC unit is nearing the end of its lifespan (12-17 years with proper maintenance), it's time to replace it. If you have dirty ducts, you have a problem somewhere that needs to be found. It can be difficult to efficiently clean ducts that are too dirty, so the best option may be to replace them. Your local HVAC company should be able to seal or replace the ductwork.

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